For 18+ years, Brock has delivered IT solutions within a certain framework called the Standard Delivery Lifecycle. He understands the complexities and unique challenges in implementing large programs. But, he's also aware of the resources wasted in delivering them. Brock is passionate about 'recycling' his experiences as a business analyst and project manager, and applying them to corporations who want to be more responsible with the resources they use.

3 step method

Brock understands that programs benefit from defining a strategy that is aligned with leadership vision and core values. He can:

  • Define a business strategy that align the diverse needs and motivations for multiple departments.
  • Assist leadership in defining program goals and objectives that align with their personal values.
  • Create documents, such as a program ‘charter’, which accurately, and concisely defines the program scope, goals, objectives, key performance indicators, and reporting measures.

Brock understands that a program may require tactical relationships to achieve its goals. He can:

  • Develop business context for partnerships considered in a program.
  • Assess if a partner is a ‘good fit’, based on program goals and objectives.
  • Define the proposal process for partnerships in innovation.
  • Gather program business requirements, and match innovation to them.

Brock understands the importance of sustainable relationships with both internal and external partners. He can:

  • Manage business requirements, and translate them to specific tasks in a program plan.
  • Business liaison and SOW (Statement of Work) negotiate with multiple teams, departments, and external partners.
  • Consult and train employees during the lifetime of a program.

range of industry

NGO/ Non-Profit
Renewable Energy
Steel Services
Transport & Logistics

I believe a better return on your investments can be found when executed under proven program management methodology.


how can I help you?

I’m curious about your vision in corporate social responsibility, and why it is important to you. Let’s set up a free conversation, and explore some of your ideas.

  • Stationsplein 26, 6512 AB Nijmegen, Netherlands

  • +31 0615460429