Brock Sampson, owner of Sampson Coaching & Advisory, has moved to the Netherlands with a mission: to help people achieve their personal goals and advise companies to do the same. The name of his company says it all: he is both a coach and a consultant. He does the coaching through rowing training, which he made a start with in America a few years ago. He also wants – among other things with his project Rowing Without Limits – to make society more aware of the fact that disabled people should be given more opportunities to participate in physical activities in order to push their limits.

‘I am well aware that I have a privileged place in the world. The least I can do is to create opportunities for others.’


In addition to coaching, he advises companies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He does this by implementing sustainable ICT solutions in the supply chain of companies, so that they can achieve their CSR objectives. Brock also wants to ensure that companies encourage their employees to do something for society more often and that employees are given the opportunity to further develop themselves.


Since his arrival from America, Brock has started working immediately, but has also remained socially active. For example, he ran the Nijmegen Four Days Marches and also raised money for War Child. Brock likes to challenge himself in different ways to push his own boundaries. By joining as an entrepreneur at StartUp Nijmegen, he has found an environment where he is challenged to get the best out of himself and his company. By participating in a community with various entrepreneurs, he always gets different perspectives to achieve a certain goal.

‘If I had to wake up every morning to do the same work every day, I would not be happy. I have to have something to fight for so that I feel that I live and also to stay happy. Otherwise I am wasting my time on this planet. I feel that my job is to create social awareness and creative solutions for society, so that others can lead a better life. That is why I am an entrepreneur.’

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